“Life should be celebrated”, unknowingly, it has become the motto of the new generation of consumers.

We provide all kinds of high quality customized packaging products and environmentally sustainable for various businesses.

MUST HAVE for restaurant

Custom products with printed logos, exclusive graphic motifs of the restaurant, selections of crockery with a harmonious and unified style, interior signage and packaging materials commonly used for takeout... they are all necessary products for a restaurant.

Common products for catering senario

Sushi restaurant, poke shops, pizzeria, fast food restaurant, Chinese restaurant……We have extensive experience in the restaurant industry, drink on the spot or take away, there are rich products for you to choose. To create a restaurant with a unique style, you need to carefully select the details everywhere.


Customization of take-out boxes, food bags, napkins, chopstick sets, placemats, uniforms and other products.


All kinds of business cards, menus, take away menus, roll-up posters, discount coupon flyers, stickers, order napkins and other products.

Interior designs

All kinds of artistic bowls and plates, cutlery, illuminated signs, lighting products, furniture, kitchen products and other decorative items.


All kinds of cash registers, code scanning, LED screens, etc. and software services such as apps and mini-programs.

Our Service Guarantee


Custom materials for over 700 restaurants and service venues.


Our catalog has more than 10000 products.


You can buy all the products you need on Winmall for your shop or business, without consulting other places.